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Menifee Request for Proposal: Mowing Services

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Reference Number: MOWING21     Title:  MOWING SERVICES PROPOSAL


Proposal Due Date: June 10, 2021 @ 10:00 a.m.     Date RFP Released:  May 21, 2021



Proposals are requested for audit services, subject to conditions of this request for proposal.





  1. A completed proposal package (with original signatures) must be submitted in an envelope clearly marked on the outside with “PROPOSAL—MOWING SERVICES”.
  2. To receive consideration, proposals must be received according to the date/time designated in this RFP, and none will be accepted afterward.  No proposal will be accepted by fax, email or any other electronic method.
  3. Proposals must be submitted on the forms provided and signed by an owner/partner of the mowing service who is authorized to legally bind the company.
  4. Any changes made on the proposal forms (erasures, strikeouts, white-out, etc.) must be clearly initialed.
  5. The Board of Education reserves the right to waive defects and informalities in proposals, to reject any and all proposals, or to accept any proposal as may be deemed to be in its best interest.
  6. All proposals shall be effective from the date of opening until the date specified in the special conditions of proposing, and no proposal may be withdrawn prior to that time.
  7. All proposals shall remain in effect for the time frame specified in the special conditions of proposing, unless otherwise stated on the proposal form.
  8. All eligible candidates will be required to provide proof of insurance.
  9. All eligible candidates, and any employees who will work on district property, shall be required to complete, or provide, background verification.
    1. KRS 45A.455 prohibits conflicts of interest, gratuities, and kickbacks to employees of the Board of Education in connection with a contract for supplies or services, whether such gratuities or kickbacks are direct or indirect.
    2. KRS 45A.990 provides severe penalties for violations of the laws relating to gratuities or kickbacks to employees which are designed to secure a public contract for supplies or services.






Contact:                     The Board of Education’s point of contact for bid documents and process is Lorri Bartley, Chief Financial Officer; whom can be reached at 606-768-8015 or by email at  The Board of Education’s point of contact for services is Lori Franklin, Facility Director; whom can be reached at 606-768-8011 or by email at


Term of Agreement: The initial term shall be for July 1, 2021-December 31, 2022.


Service Schedule:      Each location shall receive services weekly during regular mowing seasons or as requested by the Facility Director, and per request by authorized school or district personnel otherwise.


Services Included:    Services to be included are mowing, trimming/spraying, pavement and sidewalk clean up, and other general maintenance done in order to perform the task of mowing (i.e. trimming shrubs and low hanging limbs).  In the event there are obstacles, or areas of concern, that may prevent all required services to be rendered, communication shall be made with Facility Director immediately. 


Payment Schedule:   Invoices shall be submitted to the Facility Director at least monthly, no more than weekly.  Invoices shall be processed for payment upon receipt.  Invoices shall reflect services rendered.  Advanced payment is not permissible.

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