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Vocational Course Catalog

Advanced Computer Applications

Advanced Computer Applications in this class we will discover new ways to apply our knowledge of the Microsoft Suite program to our personal lives and future careers. We will also learn many new and exciting ways to harness the power of Word, Excel, PPT, and Access.


Computer Applications

Computer Applications is a business course that provides instruction in software concepts using
a Windows-based professional suite, which includes word processing, spreadsheet, database,
graphics, and presentation applications. Instruction in basic computer hardware and operating
systems that support software applications is provided. Additional concepts and applications
dealing with software integration, Internet use, and information about future technology trends
are included.


Welcome to ECON! In this course we will explore economics from a MICRO and MACRO view! We will learn how economics impacts our daily lives and drives our decision making! You will learn how economics can be used to explain almost any phenomena and gain valuable insight on predicting cause and effect relationships.

International Business

International Business where we explore important business concepts like: Marketing, management, trade, relationships, communication, economics, finance, accounting, human relations, entrepreneurship, currency, culture, organization, career planning, distribution, quality control, and technology just to name a few. International business incorporates all aspects of business and gives it an international perspective. We no longer live in a business environment that that operates independent from the world. Globalization has changed everything and we will explore what changes are taking place.


A course in marketing theory and methods. Among topics discussed are the importance of marketing, the interrelationship of the different phases of marketing, the differences between the marketing of goods and services, wholesaling, retailing, pricing strategies, analysis of markets, and distribution.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a course designed to help students
understand the impact of individual choices on occupational goals and future earnings potential. Real world topics covered will include income, money management, spending and credit, as well as saving and investing. Students will design personal and household budgets; simulate use of checking and saving accounts; demonstrate knowledge of finance, debt, and credit management; and evaluate and understand insurance and taxes. This course will provide a foundational understanding for making informed personal financial decisions.

Web Design

This course covers the fundamental concepts necessary for the construction of web pages using the basic building blocks of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (css). HTML and XHTML are covered in detail for building web pages using a web page development environment. The use of styling using css is introduced.