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Reading Development  

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Reading is a course in which students have been identified as needing additional instruction in reading comprehension.  The class will consist of reading for comprehension, decoding skills, and vocabulary acquisition.  Materials for reading will include novels, passages, newspapers, and magazines.  Most of the students in this class have been identified as reluctant readers; therefore, materials will be geared toward that demographic.  Students must be referred to this class by teacher, guidance counselor, or administrative staff.


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    Reading is an important part of everyday life. Almost everything in today's society invovles reading in some shape or form.  You have be able to read instructions, emails, or messages on your cell phone.  Reading is in your life whether you want it to be or not.  The goal of this class is to help improve your reading and comprehension skills.  Therefore, you need to be ready and willing to give reading your best effort.
    Classroom Rules
    1.        Be ready and on time for class. Have book, paper, and pen. 
    2.        Stay in your seat.
    3.        Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    4.        Respect everyone and everything in Room 123.
    5.        Do not use profane words or actions.
    1st: Writing            2nd: Writing/parent contact          3rd: Writing/principal contact
    4th: ASD                5th: Referral to Mrs. Warren
    1.     Begin assignment written on board when bell rings.
    2.     Use lined white paper.
    3.     Use black/blue ink or pencil
    4.     Make-up work is your responsibility.
    5.     All work must have name and date in right-hand corner.
    6.     Throw trash away at the end of class.
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