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Biology is an introduction to the study of living things and their interdependence with the environment. This course will emphasize the development of student’s scientific process skills, laboratory techniques, and an understanding of the fundamental principles of living organisms. Students will explore biological science as a process, cell structure and function, genetics and heredity, evolution and classification, diversity of living organisms and their ecological roles, and an introduction to animal structure and function. 

End of Course State Exam:

IMPORTANT! This year you will be taking the Biology End-of-Course (EOC) Exam. This is a state-issued exam and constitutes 15% of your overall grade. A state End Of Course (EOC) exam will be administered the last month of the semester.



  • Students will learn practical scientific skills, which they can use to investigate, study, analyze, and explain the world around them.
  • Students will develop a deeper understanding of how biology impacts their daily lives.
  • Each student will achieve a passing score of 75% or higher on the EOC for High School Biology.
  • To encourage the spirit of scientific investigation and with it the attitudes of accuracy in thought and work.
  • Please refer to the safety folder for safety in the biology classroom and laboratory.
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