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Space System Engineering Science/Chem dual Credit MSU 120-122 ;Phys.  

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Space Systems Engineering/ MSU 120-122

Space Systems Engineering is a MSU dual credit course taught by world-renowned aerospace engineer, Bob Twiggs via internet and is facilitated by Mrs. Lana Swartz.  SSE 120-122 are courses offered to prepare students in a career in aerospace engineering.  Topics include: space in our lives, exploring space, the space environment, orbital motion, computing orbital elements and predicting and getting into orbit, maneuvering in space, returning from space: re-entry, space systems engineering, space vehicle control systems, spacecraft subsystems, rockets launch vehicles, space operations and using space.  Students will learn the basics of electronic, AC and DC circuits, and to solder.  Students will design, build, test and launch satellite-type devices (i.e. Cyclops Bots, CricketSat).   Students will take multiple field trips to the Morehead State University Space Science Center to meet the faculty/staff, tour the facility (including the 21-meter space tracking antenna) and to use state of the art equipment for design and construction.  The electronics lab is being sponsored by a technology group from Virginia called, Science Technology Corporation Stc. 

  • Live Webinars Tuesday and Thursday
    bobtwiggs.jpg Bob Twiggs will begin webinar online classes that will support the MSU 120 class Tuesday.  We are so pleased and excited to have Prof. Twiggs teaching this class.  The class will also be interacting with classes from Rowan, Robertson, and Morgan County.   This is going to be a great collaborative effort from MSU, Ky Space Science, the above schools, and dedicated teachers from each school.  The students, Menifee County Schools and I would also like to thank Science and Technology Corp. (STC) from Hampton, Virginia for sponsoring and funding our Electronics Lab.
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      Saturday Morning Workshops with Prof. Bob Twiggs
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      Winners MSU/ Dataseam Space Documenary Contest Spring 2011
      MSU/Dataseam Documentary Contest Spring 2011
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