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Chemistry is a science elective or can be used as a required course.


Chemistry is the study of the composition of matter and the changes that matter undergoes. Because living and nonliving things are made of matter, chemistry affects all aspects of life and most natural events. Chemistry can be useful in explaining the natural world, preparing people for career opportunities, and producing informed citizens. Students should have a strong mathematics background. In chemistry problem solving is an important set of skills that students must learn and develop through practice.

  • Science Notebook/Folder

    All students will keep a science notebook/folder.  The purpose of the folder is to allow the students to monitor their progress, collect evidence, record experimental/lab data, index reference materials, and compile any notes or study materials.  If you have a problem purchasing a binder/folder, you can get a use folder from the box or go to the Youth Service Center to aquire a folder or binder.

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