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Spring 2013 MSU/Dataseam Video Documentary Team Winners:

Team Members: Megan Ballard, Erika Brewer, Jarred Givens, and Jacob Valerio




Spring 2012 MSU/Dataseam Video Documentary awards banquet:
1st Place Team Members: "Neutrino" = Trent Patrick, David Mays, Emily Jones, and Whitney Charles
2nd Place Team Members: "The Magic of Space and Time"; Erney Justice, Cera Hall, Angie Hamilton, and Jarred Givens

Spring 2011 MSU/Dataseam Video Documentary awards banquet:
Team Members: Skyler Cantrell, Celena Moore, Myranda Metty, and Drew Swartz
Documentary title: "Exploding into the 21st Century with Special Relativity"
Teachers: Sonja Back, Gifted and Talented coordinator ;Lana Swartz, Science Department Head

Spring 2011 AHEC BanquetTrey Swartz with Julia Flannery, former AHEC leader 

Spring 2010 MSU/Dataseam Video Documentary award banquet: 
1st placeTeam Members: Lyndsey Benson, Katie Peck, Keenan Hacker, Trey Swartz, Morgan Spencer, and Jamie Skidmore
Documentary title: "Hey What's the Dark Matter with You"
2nd place Team Members: William Roach-Barrette, Tyler Bartley, Cynthia Moore, Coyee Hunt, and Sydney Branam
Documentary title:"Beam Me Up SETI Drake Equation"
Teachers: Sonja Back, Gifted and Talented Coordinator; Lana Swartz, Teacher/Science Department Head; Randy Barrette, Teacher/Foreign Language Department Head