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Education Grants

Bank of America

Accepts proposals throughout the year.


Rite Aid Foundation

Accepts proposals throughout the year.


Upcoming Technology Grants

EInstruction shared these edtech grant opportunities.


K-12 Upcoming Tech grants

For individual classrooms and schools.


Donors Choose

This site is great for teachers. A local teacher just received 100 Devil's Arithmetic  novels  (Young Adolescent Holocaust book) for his students by applying to this site.    It took minutes to complete the application, and although response was not immediate, the grant request was funded in entirety within a few months. Teachers ask. You choose. Students learn.


Upcoming Education Grants - GREAT site!

The number one goal at is to make life a little easier for those who devote their time to searching for education grants and identifying new funding opportunities for their organizations, schools, and districts.


You can search by state and/or grant focus area (technology, gifted, ELL, libraries, etc.)